Among Us But The Crew Is The Worst! (Proximity Mod)
See what happens when I get together with Grian, Bdubs, Scar, Tango, Ren, Skizzleman, SmallishBeans, and Pungence to play some Among Us using the Proximity Mod! If you want to see more Among Us with friends in the future, please leave a like and let me know in the comments below.
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  • iAMnotAwaffle waffle
    iAMnotAwaffle waffle


  • Zaumen 32
    Zaumen 32

    I never catch these among us streams with Grian

  • KingPickaxe124


  • Paige Bolen
    Paige Bolen

    Awww bdubs called his brother pungy

  • Bitty Squiddy
    Bitty Squiddy

    I thought bdubs was speaking when it was actually pungence. Like I knew that they were brothers but wow I was not expecting them to sound that similar

  • Eclipse

    Can we just take a minute of silence for Rendog he is always dead or just doesn't get the chance to say anything.

  • Awesome St. Cool
    Awesome St. Cool

    I know they're brothers, but it's pretty crazy how similar Pungence and BDubs sound.

  • K N
    K N

    Did Bdubs call Skizz Skittles?

  • James Towle
    James Towle

    Y the 2 wolves what does Grian have against wolves

  • BlipoHippo


  • Petr Chubak
    Petr Chubak

    It's hard to follow what's happening the cut videos of this game. Impulse, is the uncut recording of this session posted anywhere?

  • Teertha Vyas
    Teertha Vyas


  • Meownaa

    Genuinely laughing out loud here. :D

  • darknightoftroy

    This was so funny. Nice footage.

  • Qwerty

    398th COMMENT

  • George Boys
    George Boys

    You lot are the ones that keep Among us alive, great job

  • MelodyGoPlay

    I like how Bdubs and Pungence are calling each other by their real name.

  • Isaac F
    Isaac F

    Great vid! You should do the jester mod it’s when whoever gets jester tries to get voted out by the crewmates and wins that way


    That shrek wasn't needed in the video picture

  • ZombieZapple

    The silent, frustrated screams when someone gets killed are HILARIOUS to me

  • Stan Reilly
    Stan Reilly

    So cool to see pungence. The nostalgia hit hard!

  • Jolie Frances Heinecke
    Jolie Frances Heinecke

    13:39 No one: Absolutely No One: Ghost Skiz AaaAAaAAaAAaAAAaAAAAAAAAaAaaaaaaAa... I HatE YoU yOu bIG BaNAnA... AAAAaAaAaaaaaAAAaaa

  • Jolie Frances Heinecke
    Jolie Frances Heinecke

    No one: Absolutely No one: Ghost Skizz: AAAAAaaAAAaAAaAaaAAaAaaAaaaaAAA... I HaTE yOu, YoU bIG BaNAnA ...... AAaAaAaAaaaaAaAaAaAaaa

  • StoppedEmu67

    “im gonna hang out with you because i like your songs” immediately leaves

  • Sudeep Sarkar
    Sudeep Sarkar

    "Have you done it yet?"- Impulse 2021

  • Belle

    Okay but if they did the jester mod, and scar was the jester, he would either win all the time or he'd stay alive bc everyone else don't want him to win.

  • kevanthemight

    were did you get proximity chat ?

  • Puffball72

    Anyone else surprised that Joel was playing. I just never thought of him knowing this group

  • James Mangion
    James Mangion

    Play hide-and-seek with the Hermits in Among Us.

    • Karkaranos Builds
      Karkaranos Builds

      They played hide and seek on a stream a few months ago, although it wasn’t explicitly with hermits.

  • freekeefox

    "Did you do it!?" Right at the end has slayed me

  • Lord Knight Alex
    Lord Knight Alex

    scar was the best third impostor, "just vote me off so i can do my tasks" absolutely iconic

  • Jon Noel Presillas
    Jon Noel Presillas

    Why isn’t mumbling there :(

  • Mr. Artiste
    Mr. Artiste

    “Don’t reveal your tactics in a SLtoos video. You fool. You moron.” -sun tzu

  • HKpanzer

    Worst crewmates ever!? This was the best xD

  • Blacktown Shadow
    Blacktown Shadow

    I was sad and felt bad cause he was a good lad.

  • Thatz Flow
    Thatz Flow

    My boy Joel playing with the hermits. That’s what I like to see!!

  • loladaylight

    AmongUs is always the best with Scar lol

  • Ethan - Youtube Tips
    Ethan - Youtube Tips

    You deserve way more views 👍

  • Roksana Ruhe
    Roksana Ruhe


    • Vonne Maddox
      Vonne Maddox

      Grian in his early vids tho. 😂😂😂

    • Thatz Flow
      Thatz Flow


  • Nathan Schreitl
    Nathan Schreitl

    What da frick?! - Bdubs

  • Maddie


  • by Voidex
    by Voidex

    Would you like to have an editor to cut these types of Videos for you?

  • Caleb 137
    Caleb 137


  • __

    7:33-7:37, that lil impulse giggle 8:55 9:24,9:43,12:09,12:50, 13:32, th is that sound?? 15:28,15:46, 16:45-16:48,

  • jakob duhaut
    jakob duhaut

    0:37 I found this working mod few minutes ago after last patch use ▶️ now I am Imposter all the time හා අපි ක්‍රීඩාපි රියසක්‍රීඩානිරXY

  • Amethyst

    Man, I can’t get over how close Pungence and Bdubs sound! I was just listening and shocked to see that Bdubs wasn’t talking, but Pungence.

  • Lorelai Allison
    Lorelai Allison

    Its so much more fun with the proximity chat

  • Gavin’s YouTube Account
    Gavin’s YouTube Account

    I said “Woaaaaaaah” at that last double kill with everyone else, that was amazing

  • Soupat2

    Is grian ever going to not be the imposter?!?

  • Dreaming Ari
    Dreaming Ari

    Joel is playing with hermit craft members hmmm maybe his wish of joining hermit craft is gonna come true :)

    • Vonne Maddox
      Vonne Maddox

      That’d be so cool but I’m not sure how he’d adapt tho. With his current audience liking the 100 days of Minecraft and Minecraft but... videos. Idk how well he and his audience would transition to a more structured sever because hermit craft requires so much time investment. I’d love to see it I’m not sure how the rest of his audience would feel about it.

  • AvengedFamine

    Duck Duck Grey Duck.... 😑

    • Karkaranos Builds
      Karkaranos Builds


  • Father and Son Games
    Father and Son Games

    Wait...the hermits know PUNGENCE?!?! My day just got a little bit better

    • Father and Son Games
      Father and Son Games

      I did not know this 😐

    • Karmingrün

      Bruh, Pungence was once a hermit. He is also Bdubs' brother 😂

  • samuel burnham
    samuel burnham

    i really really really want to see mumbo play this

  • erfan mirvai
    erfan mirvai

    300 comment ayy!

  • Kahrum

    Ren singing in death is great

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H

    This is so last week lol

  • BringOnTheRainxx3

    Just when i was starting to be able to tell the difference between the bdubs brothers you got an overlay!! Also bummer ethos not here :(

  • cloud

    that was the most satisfying long game I've ever seen

  • aserta

    Man, Impulse, what did you do to piss off Donald Duck there? :))))

  • Samuel Hawkins
    Samuel Hawkins

    Every 2 imposter game gives each person a 20% chance of being imposter, grian getting imposter 4 times out of around 7 games is highly unlikely,

    • Thatz Flow
      Thatz Flow

      We should all just accept that Grian defies statistics and logic

  • The Welch Kids!
    The Welch Kids!

    Do you know who z1ganeing is

  • CheesyDelphox

    6:18 that's the doppler effect

  • Cosmo Days
    Cosmo Days

    The mayor is a mass murderer but if he got rid of the oxygen on the ship then wouldn’t he die to

  • Corwin Alexander Gaming
    Corwin Alexander Gaming

    I actually loved that "have you done it yet?" as you came running up to the group. It was the perfect signal to Grian that you were ready for the double kill. Even though there was a slight lag before Grian's kill, no one hit report in time.

    • Zenia Emba
      Zenia Emba

      It was BEAUTY

  • Leandro Nolasco
    Leandro Nolasco

    Smallishbeans should be in hermitcraft

  • sup master
    sup master


  • Tha Squigz
    Tha Squigz

    " did you do it?" And sliced in half 🤣🤣🤣 nice

  • A. Settje
    A. Settje

    Impulse, I'm sorry but I don't like the imaging graphics of this game to old school borderline Pacman game era, and feel like it is going backwards to almost those old visual styles. I will watch people play the Minecraft version being made on Hermitcraft, if it ever gets completed. I am very excited to see this game on Hermitcraft. Been waiting for weeks, and weeks!?!

  • FakePuff

    Impulse: I did like that song though Also the lyrics of the song: I’m going to kill impulsee

  • Jake England
    Jake England

    Is someone watching neebs gaming at some point during this ? I swear i can hear doraleous in the background

  • chaz deez
    chaz deez

    Is that a wild Pungence I see!

  • CounterSkil

  • Visionletsgame

    This video made my day 🥰

  • Timothy Blaken
    Timothy Blaken

    Tbh, idk why but I think Joel/Smallishbeans should join Hermitcraft season 8 after season 7 ends, just my opinion though

  • Dylan Palmer
    Dylan Palmer

    I like that thumbnail! And the video

  • Professor Beak
    Professor Beak

    Pungence sounds exactly like Bubbles, it confuses me XD

    • Professor Beak
      Professor Beak

      I know

    • Qwerty

      They are brothers!

  • TomziTiger

    Why does no-one Vote

  • cherubie

    impulse running down the hallway saying "did you do it?" killed me 😂

  • Laurie Plumley
    Laurie Plumley

    I LOVE when Skizz haunts you 🤣💕

  • parZival14

    anyone have a doenload link for the mod?

  • Laurie Plumley
    Laurie Plumley

    Wait.... @GoodTimesWithScar, IS Jean-Luc Picard's favorite tea Earl Grey? I wonder how much tea they could stock on the Enterprise... 🤔

  • CAFRedblade

    You guys need to try the Jester Mod... Scar would be hilarious as Jester...

    • Vonne Maddox
      Vonne Maddox

      What’s the jester mod??

  • SpectreOps YT
    SpectreOps YT

    A little late on the train, like a LOT late but ok lol

  • Alyssa Fundal
    Alyssa Fundal

    I just saw Tango's POV of this hehe I'm excited to see Impulse's !!

  • Alek Adalí
    Alek Adalí

    "HAVE YOU DONE IT YET??" stab

  • kelly moon
    kelly moon

    I like the figures popping up at the side to show who is talking.

  • Jeff Stump
    Jeff Stump

    That collective "OOOOHH!!!!" at 16:49 was awesome.

  • DeLeon Squads
    DeLeon Squads


  • Shaista Sanuber
    Shaista Sanuber

    Everyone should name themselves grian and then download a mod that can make everyone red.

  • nightshade sylvan
    nightshade sylvan

    The whole better off in the great beyond thing was so ridiculously good, the only thing that kinda made it sad was that it was scar specifically, but I don't think anyone ever backed themselves in a corner so bad before

  • Bradley Neufeld
    Bradley Neufeld

    Engagement comment

  • Mya Anderson
    Mya Anderson

    Impulse upload can be anywhere on the map, but download is always in Admin. So it doesn’t matter where the first one was, the second one will always be in admin. When I play with my friends, it’s an easy way to know who the imposter is.

  • Jeff Hultgren
    Jeff Hultgren

    You have to laugh every time Grian says "I know this looks bad."

  • WalkingSalmon

    why is pungence's and Bdubs's voices are so similar?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • WalkingSalmon

      @Elbaresim's Dick oh now that makes sense to me

    • Elbaresim's Dick
      Elbaresim's Dick

      They're brothers

  • Prof Paradox
    Prof Paradox

    I know its been 7yrs since I've seen bdubs with pungence, but aren't they twin? Or just normal brothers?

  • scott chegg
    scott chegg

    Smallishbeans for hermitcraft

  • MG Réalta
    MG Réalta

    I love how the edited faces in the thumbnail, how everyone has a face but Bdubs is just B L U E

  • xTrq Shadow
    xTrq Shadow

    That "did you do it?" at the end though! Love your videos Impulse!

  • Cj Piligan
    Cj Piligan

    I really hope to see SMALLISHBEANS (JOEL) join HERMITCRAFT SEASON 8

    • Thatz Flow
      Thatz Flow

      @Cj Piligan not to mention that his x-life series has just ended

    • Cj Piligan
      Cj Piligan

      @Thatz Flow might be, since the new update is months away, they might end season 7 when its officially release.

    • Thatz Flow
      Thatz Flow

      @Cj Piligan foreshadowing perhaps?

    • Cj Piligan
      Cj Piligan

      @Thatz Flow yeah, since Hermitcraft Season 7 starts Joel always says in his video that he hopes to join Hermitcraft...

    • Thatz Flow
      Thatz Flow

      Joel and Grian would cause chaos. But, with *Lizzie*, my god she would blow everything up

  • Atharva mayte
    Atharva mayte

    Some tips for among us