Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 079: I FLIPPED THE MANSION!
In this episode, we do our first prank for the Cleo Games by flipping the half mansion horizontally then get a brand new look from Bdubs.
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Intro Music:
Song: Stellar - JJD & AudioBlade
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
Video: sltoos.info/for/3oqrvpKLaH1l2Jw/video
Download: 99l.tv/stellarYU
Gaming, Minecraft
#minecraft #hermitcraft #impulseSV

  • Northern Ninety7
    Northern Ninety7

    Iskalls laugh is the most contagious. Its the rona.

  • sepehr zajforoosh
    sepehr zajforoosh

    whats that song he used to flip the mansion called? ive been searching for it for weeks plz someone tell me.

  • sepehr zajforoosh
    sepehr zajforoosh

    whats that song he used to flip the mansion called?

  • kitty kat
    kitty kat

    When you’ve watched impulse you don’t question his channel name; impulse mr. ima move a big pyramid down by one block change the color 4 times and flip a mansion. ALL WHILE HAVING A FULL TIME JOB respect + +

  • Alexis Ebdon
    Alexis Ebdon

    Impuse, Hermit Impulse, He's the greatest i in history, From the, Hermitcraft Server, He's about to hit an Iskall Tree. It's me making fun of the Simpsons making fun of the Flintstones.

  • Hassan Ahsan
    Hassan Ahsan

    Hey, can anyone tell me the name of the music played in the timelapse at 1:14? Perhaps, the link to this song would be much MUCH appreciated!

  • Aadi Anand
    Aadi Anand

    name ur chicken: K.F.C

  • Kay's Kreations
    Kay's Kreations

    Nugget...FTW :)

  • Farid Febrianto
    Farid Febrianto

    Wow 9 years

  • Kabuto Of Death
    Kabuto Of Death

    Drumstick and Bass

  • Scuff

    When you get so bored you just flip the world just for a change

  • T

    Impulse sounded a lot like bdubs in this one at times !

  • KBfan18

    Drumstick and nugget! Sounds like a good name

  • greg jorda
    greg jorda

    maybe its just me but he feels extra silly running around in stress's brain

  • captain perfect
    captain perfect

    yoke plopere is my segestyon

  • Jack Hannaford-Hill
    Jack Hannaford-Hill

    Isn’t it unconventional to have two left halves of a mansion…? 😂😂

  • Rituraj Deshmukh
    Rituraj Deshmukh

    Now when cleo sees this

  • jimmy Dobie
    jimmy Dobie

    The tacky machine decisively injure because dancer conceivably snatch lest a pale sand. striped, wiggly country

  • Freytana

    guardian eye, Eye for Eye-mpulse xD xD xD

  • Margaret Skinner
    Margaret Skinner


  • david p aikins
    david p aikins

    lol.. her laughter is fun to hear. I started laughing just from her

  • Wyatt Horan
    Wyatt Horan

    Wait he still has diamond tools?

  • gharrison4301

    @impulseSV For Cleo... sltoos.info/for/s3qkmZSOh2RkuoI/video

  • matt spollen
    matt spollen

    i think maybe Johnathan for the chickling

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    The name of the baby should be “Nugget”. Drumstick and Nugget! Too cute

  • Fall !
    Fall !


  • Jax

    can we get impulse to 1 mil plz?

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    This mansion has so much history....

  • Cosmetic Chicken
    Cosmetic Chicken

    suggestion for the baby chicken: "Drumstick Jr."

  • V Kelly
    V Kelly

    The second chicken should be named "Wiiings"

  • Marc Matthews
    Marc Matthews

    So when is Impulse going to put an "i" on the skull?

  • Nalini Makam
    Nalini Makam


  • Chris Dammer
    Chris Dammer

    Name suggestion - nugget

  • Weston Stockard
    Weston Stockard

    Take the plane from the sky

  • Shmigit

    Baby chicken definitely needs to be named "Chicken Nugget" or just "Nugget"

  • Bekahoot

    Did you know that Stressmonster actually has an iron farm? It's in the lotus flower.

  • KaiCreate

    who copied logdotzip?

  • Bekahoot

    Wait, if it's now the left side of the mansion, shouldn't it belong to Cubfan?

  • Guinevere Visser
    Guinevere Visser

    he should have done the pink hair :(

  • Slither Man
    Slither Man

    The guardian haricut looked so cool

  • Patchangel96

    Chicken name: Hi-hat

  • noah winnick
    noah winnick

    The chicken “ noodle “

  • Samantha Godard
    Samantha Godard

    CHICKEN NAME SUGGESTION: Okay, here me out: Chaunteclear (pronounced shawn-tuh-kleer). It’s from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (the first piece of literature written and published in English), specifically the Nun’s Priest’s Tale. It’s a pun because it sounds like “chante claire” which is French for “sings clearly” because roosters sing loud and clear in the morning.

  • lil lee
    lil lee

    Name: jr. Flaps

  • Jesse Mendoza
    Jesse Mendoza

    Name the baby chicken "chicken nugget"

  • thescrunchyshow

    Impulse call the baby chicken “nugget”

  • Nick Miller
    Nick Miller

    Chicken 2 needs to be Earl. Drumstick and Earl.

  • Sama Light
    Sama Light

    Name the other chick Bass

  • Sama Light
    Sama Light

    I'm so bloody embarrassed I just came over from Grian's video and the you showed the half mansion to him I didn't notice that you flipped it.

  • Katherine Bays
    Katherine Bays

    Me: Accidentally hits the fast forward button Grain: My head is a pristine waffle and I will not hear a word against it!!

  • Bowchi The second
    Bowchi The second

    Call the little chicken nugget

  • [Username Deleted]
    [Username Deleted]

    [Comment Deleted]

  • Abby McKeveney
    Abby McKeveney

    This season the viewers are their enemies lol

  • scribbler 13
    scribbler 13

    Can we name drumsticks child nugget?

  • Unknown

    the small chicken must be named Drumtwig

  • Ashley Bow
    Ashley Bow

    baby chicken should be named Nugget

  • Jeremy Woods
    Jeremy Woods

    Chicky nugget or just lil' nug

  • Felipe Muñoz von Lojewski
    Felipe Muñoz von Lojewski

    14:46 Edna

  • Lindquist Industries
    Lindquist Industries

    this is the quality content I subscribed for!

  • Midna the Black Robe
    Midna the Black Robe

    It's still the right half, it's just rotated 180 degrees around the fourth dimensional axis w.

  • Ashe Argyle
    Ashe Argyle

    Name the other chicken “the other drumstick”. Since, ya know, you need two. ;)

  • Alexander Javier
    Alexander Javier

    You should stock some of stress’s chests

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson

    Surely the baby should be called nugget

  • Zechariah Underwood
    Zechariah Underwood

    Impulse is the hero need

  • TangerinePanda

    The little one is obviously Nugget

  • Adam Kirkby
    Adam Kirkby

    someone should inv poppa K to the cleo games

  • Salemander5000

    Well now you’re gonna have to flip Doc’s half

  • Masterge77

    Now there are TWO left-halves to the mansion.

  • elvisboi123

    I'm on a quest to get @Loony in Hermitcraft. Please get him whitelisted.

    • haashir kabeer
      haashir kabeer


  • Leonard Oeding
    Leonard Oeding

    Claim your "Never spoiling pranks for other hermits" ticket here.

    • Leonard Oeding
      Leonard Oeding

      @Man yayy

    • Man


  • Mindy

    I can't believe all the hard work you put into the mansion omg! And for the baby chicken, I think the name Blossom would be so cute

  • Thee_Tru Noob
    Thee_Tru Noob

    Other chicken name idea: Drummer Also even though you are rebuilding the mansion how are you positive you are putting things exactly as they were? Like I've watched other Minecraft SLtoosrs and they seem to use schematica all the time but in my opinion that takes away from like the vanilla feel. (I understand there is screenshots but seems like a harder process of going off a screenshot.) As always I enjoy the content in keep it up.

  • Alpha Libre
    Alpha Libre

    Name the second chicken "Chick Drum". Ba dum tss

  • jodie scrivener
    jodie scrivener

    eggie mercury

  • 0XBlondie96X0

    I mean if you're naming a chicken Drumstick, I feel like it would only be appropriate to name the kid Nugget

  • walter mcdonough
    walter mcdonough

    the amount of shenanigans that mansion has been involved in has to be a hermitcraft record

  • peza newelll
    peza newelll

    grian flips mansion impulse flips mansion everyone MeMeS time!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SZislecker

    Drummers usually have 2 drumsticks, so maybe call the otherone also drumstick?

  • Erfedwe

    Not too difficult if using Litematica, but still tedius!😉

  • Landen Grunwald
    Landen Grunwald

    Name the other chicken "Breast" kekw

  • M.productions

    Baby chicken is cluck Norris

  • Brax10

    Chicken little

  • Carter Lindley
    Carter Lindley

    The baby should be eggward

  • King Emy
    King Emy

    "Drumstick" hmm... sounds similar to LogDotZip's...

  • King Emy
    King Emy

    You have to change the logo on the channel to your new Minecraft hair

  • CounterCrafter

    Alternate title: Impulse plays House Flipper

  • Dylan Buttigieg
    Dylan Buttigieg

    Nugget would be a good name

  • daplinko

    but now it will never fit together with docs half

  • aCinelli

    U and bdubs are the best

  • aCinelli

    Grain is the worst

  • GT09n

    I got a haircut last night lol

  • Gamer Online
    Gamer Online


  • aCinelli

    Her base sucks

  • Petter Ø K
    Petter Ø K

    The name for the baby chicken can be "Dumbstick"!!!

  • Tim The Philosiraptor Exhale
    Tim The Philosiraptor Exhale

    clucky for the little one

  • Georgian Bay
    Georgian Bay

    the kid could be called fillet

  • Andrew Forsthoefel
    Andrew Forsthoefel

    The doctor: impulses haircut can't hurt you Impulses haircut:

  • Cherry Dragon
    Cherry Dragon

    So if i got this right... he left the right manionside on the left right?

  • HateHater

    BDUBS had 8 not 9 points 😂

  • HateHater

    If the mum is drumstick name the kid nuggets