Dungeon Dash with Tango! Stunning RTX custom maps! (Part 2)
Today I team up with Tango to go through 10 beautifully stunning adventure maps showcasing Minecraft with RTX! This is part 2 of the series so if you missed part 1 on Tango's channel check it out here:
For more information about Minecraft with RTX
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  • Ronald


  • Darren Mead
    Darren Mead

    Part two whoop whoop 👍👍

  • Illegal Alien
    Illegal Alien

    Raytracing in Minecraft is like polishing some horse manure. It does not make it look better, on the contrary...

  • Happy Unicorn 0-0
    Happy Unicorn 0-0


  • Roksana Ruhe
    Roksana Ruhe


  • Lauren

    Loved this two parter so much

  • Tonya Arevalo
    Tonya Arevalo


  • Tacobell1384

    I really wish RTX was brought to java edition. Imagine a season of hermitcraft in RTX.

  • Schmaklätte

    Dude, how can one advertise this in such an unfinished state of existance

  • Luke brown
    Luke brown

    Looks like 60fps recording wasn't the go to for this video

  • Lyvaella

    Skizz said to give you a message ... ppppppbbbbb ppppppbbbbb pppppbbbb ... message delivered :)

  • Peter M
    Peter M

    Impulse and Tango: We need glowing ores. Glowstone: :_(

  • Theze Gamez
    Theze Gamez

    Dear Minecraft Content Creators, If your minecraft videos dont look like this, you're doing it wrong.

  • D. C.
    D. C.

    Chugging along at 10 fps, go rtx!

  • Krazi Krafter
    Krazi Krafter

    The two best hermitcraft colabs is Impulse and Tango and Mumbo and Iskall.

  • daviscalledfred

    On tangos video, as a bedrock player, I found it hilarious that these two didn't know about the wither's dash attack

  • sinister 481979
    sinister 481979

    Nice vid. But your vid is more choppy then Tango's

  • NitroDS ARTZ
    NitroDS ARTZ

    oh no why is the map running at 10 fps

  • Malorie Zastrow
    Malorie Zastrow

    Not running so smooth on Impulse's computer.

  • Fancy Stairs
    Fancy Stairs

    i think inpulsive need better CPU because i can see a bit drops of FPS... but its watchable so no problem :) great vid lad :)

  • Savannah Atkinson
    Savannah Atkinson

    You guys have good chemistry. More content together would be great.

  • Ahmet Utku Saraç
    Ahmet Utku Saraç

    Is it just me or impulse is laging like frick

  • David Yodo
    David Yodo

    Impulse and Tango has a Great Chemistry

  • Sammit

    Impulse distributing totems like a champ and it’s not even Hermitcraft

  • Myra Nares
    Myra Nares

    Tango screams Aduance: play it again 100x

  • Joshua Gil
    Joshua Gil

    Impulse, you can spam click on bedrock edition, it's faster to kill mobs

  • Nancy Vieth
    Nancy Vieth

    You had me scream out loud in this one! Thanks for another great episode.

  • Nicole C. Choque
    Nicole C. Choque

    Ah the uncut version of this adventure would be so fun... Impulse, anymore adventure maps you and Tango would consider playing? :D

  • Cathi Crossgrove
    Cathi Crossgrove

    I’m really not sure how impulse dosent have a million. He deserves to be at least 2mil

    • Potato Inc
      Potato Inc

      I only just noticed how little subs he has for how big of a youtuber he should be

    • Lasér Creator
      Lasér Creator

      @Nirate Goel Bruhh Mumbo got this much cause of Grain. Before Grain joined hermit craft they used to do competitions that has like 10m+ views

    • AquAssassin

      @Nirate Goel wdym by that? Are you saying mumbo chooses quantity over quality and exploits the algo?

    • AquAssassin

      Tango too

    • Darshan Dholakiya
      Darshan Dholakiya

      @Dylan Kunze ko koo k ooko. Oko k ooko ok koko o o. O o. O ok. O oo o o o o o oo. O.

  • UberDan

    Wow @ the lag

  • Aayam24

    The 'Temple' dungeon looks a lot like hozuki castle which is from boruto:naruto next generations.

  • joshua fifield
    joshua fifield

    Come on guys, let's get him to 1mil subs :)

  • Simsations Gold
    Simsations Gold

    That in the caves and cliffs, caves. Yes, please add this to base play options.

  • ICTCSSJohnfel

    Its been a while with this two

  • K Howell
    K Howell

    Wow that possessor was barely running that shader

  • Insolvent Sam
    Insolvent Sam

    LOL @ fps. Player movement is jerky as fuck. It's running about 10 FPS at the most, and you have a high end machine. No of running this for the normies.

  • Jodie Rob
    Jodie Rob

    Happily watch Tango and Impluse in any video together.. hilarity is guaranteed every time. Thanks guys!!

  • Nirate Goel
    Nirate Goel

    Outside of a few effects it just seems like shaders but only more difficult to run, not to mention the low to no availability of RTX cards atm. Kind of sick of RTX Minecraft. If it wasn't Impluse and Tango I wouldn't be watching this, only other Hermit that could get me to watch a video is Etho at this point.

  • Nirate Goel
    Nirate Goel

    Looks like Nvidia didn't kit you out with beast systems there's a few hiccups throughout where is lags.

  • Vicky

    This was excellent. I wish I had nvidia and rtx.

  • Gecko

    this is like minecraft dungeons

  • Gecko

    that lag lol

  • Jeremiah Gripshover
    Jeremiah Gripshover

    All hail bedrock!

  • J FC
    J FC

    Why did you kill the Skelleton horses. You don't need a saddle to ride them in bedrock

  • BiGG X01
    BiGG X01

    Can Hermitcraft weather the bedrock problems to play Hermitcraft Season 8 with RTX?

  • Sietse van der Hoeven
    Sietse van der Hoeven

    Alternative title: two Americans experiencing RTX for Minecraft windows 10 edition in a good made dungeon map

  • A. Settje
    A. Settje

    The lighting affects where very brilliant, and the mobs vast. You guys fought well vanquishing them all. Very fun. Thanks for the video!

  • Nana Kisi
    Nana Kisi

    I'd love to see an impulse/tango collab base in HC s8. Think about it

  • Daniel Phillips
    Daniel Phillips

    Is it me or does ImpulseSV have low FPS?

  • Simon W1
    Simon W1

    game looked a bit laggy

  • Bobcat

    Where pt 1

  • Shadow gaming
    Shadow gaming

    Is it possible to use these shaders on PS4 bedrock?

  • Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash

    Your video is very framey and stuttering

  • AddictedRT _
    AddictedRT _

    Tip: You can attack as fast as you can. The damage is the same no matter how fast or slow you attack. Unlike Java where you have to wait for the sword to fill up in order for you to do a lot of damage.

    • Joshua Gil
      Joshua Gil

      This tbh

  • Devarsh Sheth
    Devarsh Sheth

    Don't read my About page

  • NerfProZP360 YT
    NerfProZP360 YT

    Speaking of Bedrock Windows 10 Minecraft, Thats what I play, I actually started clearing out the water and some blocks in an ocean monument and its harder and takes a lot longer than I thought.

  • Extra PAS
    Extra PAS

    Them saying they could summon a wither, I don't think they know that bedrock edition withers are like 10× more scary than java withers

    • Tacobell1384

      They fought a wither in Tango's episode.

  • Marvin Kuhn
    Marvin Kuhn

    dude this maps ar ripping your pc into bits

  • Maarten

    Great bromance to the 'happy bedroom place'! loved the colapse, thanks

  • Kamikaze Satellite
    Kamikaze Satellite

    Didn't they give you a PC to play the game with? Why does your video have way less fps than Tango's?

  • Bruh

    I'm jealous

  • Soupofthesea

    I could build a wither!- wait, a third of a wither! L o g i c with tango

  • Avery Henningsen
    Avery Henningsen

    Impulse loses half of a heart. Oh my god I'm dead! Retreat!

  • Jemima Ryan
    Jemima Ryan

    I love the team IT content!! now how about some team ZI?

  • Kraken Seabeast
    Kraken Seabeast

    Love this series of videos, especially when you team up with Tango! The two of you have such awesome synergy together! All that being said, the frame rate on this video was a LITTLE choppy, which is understandable considering the RTX and the size of these dungeons.. Just wanted to share my experience. Loved the video regardless, it was a lot of fun!


    How to get rtx on beadrock edition plz tell me bro 😇

  • Dan Zorny
    Dan Zorny

    I think Impluse's PC is struggling lol

  • echo Ordiway
    echo Ordiway

    redstone ore already glow

  • Omnitroph

    Bedrock edition. Ew.

  • William Alexander
    William Alexander


  • Elodie Cummins
    Elodie Cummins

    “I can’t see any mobs through all the awesome everywhere!” -tango

    • Tillman West
      Tillman West


    • Bartell Watsica
      Bartell Watsica


  • Dark Waters
    Dark Waters

    Nvidia has successfully made ray tracing an only nvidia technology for the uninformed by getting people to say RTX every time RT technology is mentioned. Good job nvidia.

  • variant

    I’ve missed you and Tango collabing together (especially livestreaming projects together on Fridays) so this was great. lol “oh no, i opened an anvil” while fighting an evoker riding a ravager

  • Yet

    Did you get a new pc for this?

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi

    A day late and a dollar short 😂😂 16:30 lol probably thousands of dollars into a PC and still this laggy

  • LeannaRuth Jensen
    LeannaRuth Jensen

    Most "commercial" videos I pass, but Tango or Impulse will make it interesting, Tango and Impulse together, I am watching every time. So much fun. Just don't let them eat your faces!

  • Erin Jackson
    Erin Jackson

    Disclaimer: No brain cells were used in the making of this video

    • Audrey Hogan
      Audrey Hogan

      Ok 😂

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown

    I'd get a new gpu so i could play this but their all sold out :(

  • EndleTrance

    Tango and Impulse should do more collabs.

  • Faris Latif
    Faris Latif

    I never see 2 grown men screaming in a long time 🤣

  • Zdenek Zimmermann
    Zdenek Zimmermann

    nice slideshow Impulse ;-D

  • Yaniek Butter
    Yaniek Butter


  • Saksham Daga
    Saksham Daga

    Bro pls hermitcraft episode fast and try to get your base fast and I knowww a secret You all are gonna get back your bases after some episodes. That is very cool Will you keep the pink?

  • Karren Eleuthera Sieglind
    Karren Eleuthera Sieglind


  • BrickBot 2.0
    BrickBot 2.0

    The RTX shaders are amazing, I especially love how you can make glowing pressure plates, and it's so realistic! The one thing I don't like about it, is that the way it reflects off of most blocks, and entities, is like they're made from plastic, which makes all the textures feels really flat. Water, glass and metals are fine though.

  • քɨɢɮօʀɢ


  • Aahan

    Whats this? i havent seen part 1 or what this is about

  • Bern Buddy
    Bern Buddy


  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    Rtx made 2 redstone bois want to be a builder

  • Sk Numan
    Sk Numan

    157th comment is mine Love from india

  • Dankykang

    Little people killing my face!!!!

  • Parthiv Sadhukhan
    Parthiv Sadhukhan

    Impulse:the wither is kicking!!! Mcpe players:😑😑😑as usual.

    • Parthiv Sadhukhan
      Parthiv Sadhukhan

      Check out part 1 on tango's chanel!

  • Charlie Nottingham
    Charlie Nottingham

    ah man my 2 favourit hermits at it again... they bounce...

  • Silo Edge
    Silo Edge

    This texture made me vomit

  • Nugget

    Now to make a compilation of the weird noises Impulse and Tango make...

  • Shadi Habiballah
    Shadi Habiballah

    is it just me or the video is choppy?

  • Steven He
    Steven He

    Oh, come on. How many apples did Impulse eat?

  • DragggoGaming


  • Abhishek Tiwari
    Abhishek Tiwari

    You should have named the vindicator 'Jhonny'! And he would have killed all !

  • lou fougère
    lou fougère

    Ouch frame rate tickles a bit! 😂