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  • impulseSV

    The Strength and Precision Trials are over but starting today until 5/5, you'll have a chance to participate in the Speed Trial! More info here:

    • MR. Akward
      MR. Akward

      pls play island survival alpha next time

    • TheLethalPredator

      Wish I had a PC to use core, I've only got a PC from early 2000 and struggle to go to the internet on it

    • DanDan

      So whats your creator tag, still would like to add something here-

    • Cristiano Ronaldo
      Cristiano Ronaldo


    • LucyPogcute

      Impulse subbed of course

  • Sterrenstof Gaming
    Sterrenstof Gaming

    Game doenst look good. Better to spend the money on the game then give it away

  • Ja4den

    So core is Roblox but much better

  • Nico Devs
    Nico Devs

    This lobby gives me Hypixel vibes


    Core is like roblox but a 1000x better

  • Gamestormer

    I would love to play core but if I even open it my PC would Light on fire !

  • Viv Plays
    Viv Plays

    Core is awesome! and so are you❤️❤️❤️

    • Viv Plays
      Viv Plays

      @Julianne Watza my pleasure

    • Viv Plays
      Viv Plays

      @Julianne Watza lol

    • Julianne Watza
      Julianne Watza

      Thank you

  • Reid Abramowitz
    Reid Abramowitz

    Can you check out the My hero Academia game next time.

  • Karyptis

    impulse is selling himself :(

  • Potato_King693

    I would but its partnered with epic games.... and that would associate me with the same platform that hosts ForkKnife :(

  • Jackson T
    Jackson T

    "Let's talk to this old man" Best part of the video

  • killzone 1401
    killzone 1401

    I get that this is sponsored and stuff but damn, even the title is just a full on ad.

  • Bluestone

    How much money did they give you lol.

  • Tim Oldenburg
    Tim Oldenburg

    Fortnite + Rolox --> core Fortnite + Rolox = core

  • [over-used meme]
    [over-used meme]

    Bruh you are partnered with a roblox copy

  • tangled

    why do I lowkey would love to watch Impulse play more fantasy lore-based dialogue-filled games

  • Reed Crichton
    Reed Crichton

    correcct me if I'm wrong but this is compelely not like impulse and wouldnt have made this vidoe if it weren't for core sponsoring him. I'm fine with a promotion in a video but i really don't like this and don't think it was a very good idea impulse. I love your vids, not this one. i would not reccommend agreeing to a sponsor contract that forces you to make an entire video on the game. Obviously im not gonna tell you what and what not to do so make what you wnat of this but I think this is wierd and kind of uncharicteristic.

    • impulseSV

      All good! Glad you could see it from my point of view.

    • Reed Crichton
      Reed Crichton

      @impulseSV Im so sorry impulse i probably should have educated myself better before posting that comment. I really should have understood how a full time youtube job works and after doing a little more research i feel completely sorry for posting this comment to the public

    • impulseSV

      Would you like it if I was able to go full time as a SLtoosr and bring you more of the content you do enjoy? Sponsored videos like this are necessary for me to make that happen 😉

  • Aci

    "Oh hey this core thing sounds fun, i might download it" "Core is partnered with epic games-" Neeevermind

    • Whyy Shovel
      Whyy Shovel

      @JuliusVdL2 (its actually not that trash, its just a meme that a block game defeated a epic game) and it needs good pc so...

    • JuliusVdL2

      Whyy Shovel give me some reasons. I know i used to hate fortnite just because i liked Minecraft. I didn’t even try it once. And when i did it wasnt so bad.

    • Whyy Shovel
      Whyy Shovel

      @JuliusVdL2 Fortnite ≠ Fun Haha Jk

    • JuliusVdL2

      TotallyJangoMandalorian the community sucks. The game itself can be fun at times

    • TotallyJangoMandalorian

      @Whyy Shovel Yes


    somehow impulses voice fits all games :D

  • _Shaey_

    not a huge fan of video long advertisements, but its an okay platform, so ill allow it this time :D

  • Games For Noobs
    Games For Noobs

    I love your videos impulse and NO hate, but this is a new level of sellout lol!!

  • laartje24

    That title sounds so clickbaity/scamy that I wouldn't have clicked on it if it wasn't Impulses channel. Let's hope I wasn't wrong to trust you.

  • i play codm
    i play codm

    Need core for mobile

  • parth Bhargava
    parth Bhargava

    Sad core does not work with

    • redcatjack

      @parth Bhargava mac's are bad

    • parth Bhargava
      parth Bhargava

      Mac (i press enter by mistake)

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams

    I mean, I shouldn't complain because I could have NOT watched this video, but this is clearly just an ad. But really long.

    • Aaron Williams
      Aaron Williams

      @Jackson T Did any content in my comment seem judgmental about Core? If I had time in my life for such things I'd probably try it.

    • Aaron Williams
      Aaron Williams

      @Jackson T Wait, this was a sponsored video?

    • Jackson T
      Jackson T

      Plus, core is really cool. You cant judge if you havent played it

    • Jackson T
      Jackson T

      Well, this is a sponsored video and the people who are sponsoring the video (core) will tell you what to do and if you do it they pay you.

  • Felipe Muñoz von Lojewski
    Felipe Muñoz von Lojewski

    Cool game 👍

  • Dragon Plays!
    Dragon Plays!

    Wait... it’s Roblox in disguise and he’s playing it FINALLY

    • [over-used meme]
      [over-used meme]

      Core just copied roblox lol

  • Adam Ozyer
    Adam Ozyer



    H E R M I T C R A F T

  • Monkeh

    14:15 me ;)

  • steinar hageberg sundby
    steinar hageberg sundby

    I love how Impulse talking about buying a mega gun while hovering over the minigun ^^

  • MapMan496 MAP
    MapMan496 MAP

    To bad i don’t have a pc

  • Galactis87

    Impulse if you heart this your cool

  • Nolan MIGZ
    Nolan MIGZ

    Does anyone else feel like Core is just a new Roblox?

  • Sky Craft
    Sky Craft

    Bruh i wana play this but my pc cant 😐

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi

    Jesus Christ 😳

  • Aryan Hajibashi
    Aryan Hajibashi

    I wish i had a pc so i can download core so i have a chance to win that money because i really need it.:(

  • Nuclear Baguette
    Nuclear Baguette

    Why is a minecraft youtuber supporting roblox?

  • Mumbo85

    Daily uploads?

  • Caldrie Gaming
    Caldrie Gaming

    I want to play Core. Can I play on a Chromebook instead of a pc?

    • Caldrie Gaming
      Caldrie Gaming

      @Alwed Thank you, and your right

    • Alwed

      Probably not given Chromebooks don’t have a lot of storage

  • Chris Blank
    Chris Blank

    Feels very much like the Oasis from Ready Player One

    • CrazeBanana *〰*
      CrazeBanana *〰*

      Just not vr Yet Fun fact: We’re close to sao witch is a anime about a vr game that is very close to real life the difference is that you don’t move in real life instead if feels like you in the world

  • uniqio 99
    uniqio 99

    Among firts

  • Analog A
    Analog A

    What is Unreal Engine. Is that anything like the Unreal Tournament years ago?

  • Luz One
    Luz One

    Remember told game Roblox well this is the future of it

  • 2 Blue Dragons
    2 Blue Dragons

    This is driving me nuts! Not the sponsor stuff, it seems great and is fast forwardable, but that I can't play it because mac!

  • Jazz Pasco
    Jazz Pasco

    One of those games look a lot like Zelda Breath of the Wild.

  • CherryPie

    skeleton sus

  • Sakibul Islam
    Sakibul Islam

    221 like lets gooooooooooooooo

    • Abdul Rahman Awad
      Abdul Rahman Awad

      Also 50 dislikes

  • MordoBeast

    Could be better but I enjoy it

  • RareMC

    Soo, pretty much, the new Roblox has launched it's advertising campaign...

    • Nuclear Baguette
      Nuclear Baguette


    • Matt Sterbater
      Matt Sterbater


  • Mato Ciljak
    Mato Ciljak

    Yea core!

  • Julian Meyer
    Julian Meyer

    I like this Roblox 4k

  • ruzgar gunduz
    ruzgar gunduz


  • Luke Pantelli
    Luke Pantelli


  • CB Games
    CB Games

    lameeeee ad bro

  • Unauthorized Slime
    Unauthorized Slime

    I want to download this now

    • ItzSpiro

      I don't

  • Gaurav Chhetri
    Gaurav Chhetri

    Watching this guy from 2019 and i havent got a single heart from him pls impulse 1 heart for ur fan

    • Caleb Smart
      Caleb Smart


    • Gaurav Chhetri
      Gaurav Chhetri

      @impulseSV omfg cant belive u actually gave me a heart

    • impulseSV

      today's your lucky day! :D

  • Hugo Toob
    Hugo Toob


  • Whyy Shovel
    Whyy Shovel

    pls can anyone tell the system requirements for core? I couldn't find on gooooogle

    • Jackson T
      Jackson T

      Doesnt cost 3k but that's funny

    • Jackson T
      Jackson T

      Lmao 3k

    • Whyy Shovel
      Whyy Shovel

      @Jussi Raitoniemi I'm talkin about the pc requirements, not the money and also PLS DONT JOKE

    • Jussi Raitoniemi
      Jussi Raitoniemi


  • Ultra


  • Cal8daSushi

    Have a nice day (:

    • ava fahey
      ava fahey

      Have a bad day ): Jk

  • Mar-farr

    This is a hole video like a mobile game add Jesus

    • Alondor

      Impulse likely needs the extra money from sponsorships, this isn't a new thing, and I am sure he did his best. In my opinion, it is one of the better sponsorships that I've seen on youtube.

  • Daniel Okeeffe
    Daniel Okeeffe


  • Cal8daSushi


  • Whyy Shovel
    Whyy Shovel

    Wait, DID YOU BECOME A PARTNER of CORE impulse?

    • Whyy Shovel
      Whyy Shovel

      Maybe hmm sus

    • Olympic Craft
      Olympic Craft

      I think he secretly did

  • Christian Allen
    Christian Allen


  • Prizmeh

    Get paid Impulse.

  • A kid Clay
    A kid Clay


  • luiO_o • 5 years ago
    luiO_o • 5 years ago

    Never expected to see impulse's video with 2 views

    • Aryan Hajibashi
      Aryan Hajibashi


    • Tiuri Temple
      Tiuri Temple


  • mbolkosky

    100 liker of this video

  • Sietse De Grande
    Sietse De Grande

    If core was an actual game good, they wouldn't have to give away money to make us play it, minecraft didn't, minecraft is good.

  • ProCraftGamin

    2 views, 62 comments. makes perfect sense!

  • Gamer 64
    Gamer 64

    Join the early club😜

  • Liam Sheehy
    Liam Sheehy

    Core poggerz ?!?!

  • TLO


  • Janko Janse van Rensburg
    Janko Janse van Rensburg

    Wow that nice

  • Aljean Castro Duran
    Aljean Castro Duran

    When you're so early Impulse hasnt pinned his own comment yet.

    • Aryan Hajibashi
      Aryan Hajibashi


  • wessel vankan
    wessel vankan


  • Mr Dolphin611
    Mr Dolphin611

    This will be interesting

  • Callum Hughes
    Callum Hughes

    New games let's go...

  • Lol Xd
    Lol Xd


  • Caleb Smart
    Caleb Smart

    I’m never first I’m never last But when Impulse posts I click fast

    • BlueAnimated

      @Caleb Smart sorry, i like see it everywhere...

    • InfernoPanda Gaming
      InfernoPanda Gaming

      @Colin Robinson ik it's copied but atleast he got the mind to copy a good thing xD

    • Caleb Smart
      Caleb Smart

      From who?

    • Colin Robinson
      Colin Robinson


    • BlueAnimated


  • joseph oblena
    joseph oblena

    41st comment

  • Bern Buddy
    Bern Buddy

    WoOOooooOoo Events

  • Kerry Peters
    Kerry Peters

    Hello mr.Beast

  • Archit Gagrani
    Archit Gagrani

    Impulse you here

  • Picaalex 345
    Picaalex 345

    Cool imp!

  • Rohan Singhal
    Rohan Singhal


  • idk

    i actually want to try playing on core but i have a chromebook so i cant download anthing

    • Davy

      @idk I see

    • idk

      @Davy i do own it but i got it from a program i did at school

    • Davy

      @idk the chrome book

    • idk

      @Davy own what?

    • Davy

      @idk do you not own it?

  • sargam dey
    sargam dey


  • Adam Techow
    Adam Techow

    Core is so cool!

  • Iqui

    First lol

  • Andrea Ross
    Andrea Ross

    Nice video

  • Alexandre Delorme
    Alexandre Delorme


  • Mokshita


  • DSaunders2010

    I'm 4th boysss

  • Tiuri Temple
    Tiuri Temple

    One of the first


    Your videos are great

    • Java Cake
      Java Cake

      @TIGER PLAYZ but if you edit a comment the heart goes away... he must have hearted it again


      @Jussi Raitoniemi actually I commented can I get a heart then I edited it

    • Jussi Raitoniemi
      Jussi Raitoniemi

      Your videos are great! -sure! 😂


      @impulseSV thanks alot

    • impulseSV

      Sure! :)

  • brian sk
    brian sk

    Now Thats a lot of money

  • Beast Boy
    Beast Boy


741 tis.